VS Water Blasting provides powerful industrial cleaning solutions for every type and size of business. Our services begin with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasting equipment. Utilizing up to 20,000 psi we can blast away the most difficult dirt and build-ups of every kind. We also clear pipes and other hard-to-reach areas using water jetting, often times combined with vacuuming, to simultaneously clear and remove stubborn debris effectively and economically. Whatever your industrial cleaning requirements may be, we have the best solution customized just for you.




Water blasting is an extremely flexible cleaning solution for many different types of industrial cleaning applications.


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Vacuuming removes and disposes of just about any type of material that inhibits production or flow.


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Water jetting is best suited to the cleaning of confined areas, such as large diameter pipes with long runs.


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Autobox is a new device that allows an operator to safely blast and clean industrial tube bundles with high pressure jets from outside of the danger zone.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Slide "Your pre-job process is very helpful. Taking the time to do a pre-job walk through with me to go over our expectations and your needs rather than sending a crew out blind has helped us get back into production quickly." Dennis
Maintenance Coordinator
Resin Company
Slide "So far, no matter what we've thrown at you, you have been able to adapt on the fly and handle it." Jon
Maintenance Manager
Ethanol Plant
Slide "Your willingness to meet with us before a series of confined space entry jobs and work out the processes ahead of time was great! It helped the jobs flow seamlessly and most importantly, safely." Mike
Health and Safety Director
Food Plant
Slide "The crews you send to me to clean for us always show up and get right to work and bust their tails for us. I appreciate it and wanted you to know you have some really good guys." Richard
Maintenance Manager
Industrial Paint Company